No one wishes to have mould growing on their beautiful carpets. Moreover, a wet carpet is the breeding ground for the growth of these unwanted moulds. These are not immediately visible, but accumulate over time and impose a major health risk for you and your family. Not only do the elderly, children, pregnant women face problems, but it also causes a major inconvenience to people who suffer from allergies. Immediate wet carpet drying and restoration treatment is advised to prevent suffering in times to come. Unattended flooded water can also damage your exquisite interiors and increase the cost of overall repairing.

To help you out during these dire times, we, at Flood Restoration Victoria, offer you world-class wet carpet drying and restoration services. Our experienced staff and efficient machinery help us in providing the best of wet carpet drying and restoration services to our customers. We offer the best services and will help you restore your carpets in no time. We make the wet carpet drying process as easy as possible and never cause any inconvenience to our clients. We always try to help our customers with their insurance process and always take pictures of the place as evidence. We are a reputed company for dealing in flood restoration treatments- wet carpet drying and restoration. Equipped with high-end LGR dehumidifiers and industrial air movers, we provide fast and efficient outputs.

Carpet drying process


Categorization of Water

The restoration process depends on the type of water that has affected your flooring. Different types of flooding will be treated in a different manner which will be decided and informed by our cleaners accordingly.

There are three types of water


Clean water

This is obtained from leakage and bursts in pipelines of the sink or bath overflow



Toilet water, sump pump failures, and water discharge from cleaning devices such as washing machines and dishwashers.



This water is flooded when there is backflow in the sewage or the flooring is flooded with river water or ground surface water.

Pre-treatment requisites