Water Damage Restoration

Water restoration is a long, strenuous process; However, you made the first smart choice by coming here! Flood Restoration Victoria is the best restoration company in Melbourne for water damage restoration. With years of experience and skilled experts, no other restoration company can offer you the service as we do. We make this entire process hassle-free, efficient, and quick for you.

Water flooding comes with a package of serious consequences. Growth of moulds, rusting of the metallic frameworks, rotting of wooden interiors, and damaging of carpets and flooring, are after-effects of any water flood on your property. We always try helping our customers with their insurance process and always take pictures of the place as evidence. We are a reputed company for dealing in flood restoration treatments- water damage restoration. Equipped with high-end LGR dehumidifiers and industrial air movers, we provide fast and efficient outputs. These emergencies can be traumatic for you and your family, and we, at Flood Restoration Victoria, are here to assess your problems and come up with the most customer-friendly solutions.

What causes the flooding of water?

Water Damage Restoration

The Water Restoration Process


Emergency contact

Contact us on our number as soon as possible to get us started.


Inspection and damage assessment

Every waterflood has its cause and thereby its mould method to handle the situation. A thorough assessment is required to detect the root of the problem.


Water Removal/Extraction

The standing water is removed via manual methods of pumping of draining. We use efficient machinery that makes our work fast and easy.



Air blowers and vacuum machines are used to dry all surfaces.



Large dehumidifiers are used to absorb the moisture content from the air and speed up the process.


Cleaning and Sanitizing

The affected area is disinfected and cleaned once everything is dry again.



 This is the final step and involves a few minor repairs and adjustments to get your property back in place.