Structural Drying Services

Water trickles down into every nook and corner in its reach once it starts to flood. Carpet cleaning seems sufficient if the water hasn’t been standing on the affected area for a long period. However, as time passes by, the water seeps into walls and flooring, manifesting the growth of moulds. To avoid and repair these secondary damages to the interiors of your property, we, at Flood Restoration Victoria bring to you our latest use of technology for Structural Drying.

What is Structural Drying?

Structural Drying is a basic concept- it is the process of removal of excessive moisture content from the materials that are a part of the fundamental structure of your property. It aims to obtain a moisture content that is qualified according to the ideal standards. Moreover, this process includes drying of dimensional lumber, concrete, drywall, and more of the like.

Structural Drying Services

Process of Structural Drying

This is the first process that removes the water on the primary level. This is done with the help of pumps, built to achieve the purpose. These pumps available at Flood Restoration Victoria are so effective that it is possible to leave carpets installed while removing all the moisture content.

The higher the temperature, the quicker the water evaporates. Maintaining an optimum temperature increases the efficiency of the process by multiple folds and thus plays a vital part in the entire process.

The first two steps consisted of removing water from the surface and beneath. The next one deals with the removal of water content from the air. We use top-notch dehumidifiers that draw in and cool down moist air. The equipment converts water vapour into its liquid state, which is stored for disposal later on. This is a crucial step in the process as if the moisture content in the air is high, it will undo the efforts of drying the interiors.

Once the sitting water has been removed with the help of external machinery, the surface will still contain moisture content, making it damp. This step in the process involves high-power fans, which increases the airflow, resulting in evaporation. The machinery we provide runs efficiently while having lesser energy consumption than standard fans.