Worried that you are stranded in a pool of water and water is flowing in from all sides?
If this is how you feel seeing the flooding in your humble abode, you have definitely made the right choice by visiting our website. Water damages can be extremely unpleasant if there is flooding on your property. All your furniture and other belongings are prone to damage once the water starts seeping into the floors and walls. If you need immediate services, we are here to help; However, if you want to take matters into your own hands and save the day, we have a solution for that too!

We, at Flood Restoration Victoria, can provide you with world-class equipment that will help you restore your house. With the help of the drying machinery, this restoration might turn into a fun-filled activity for you and your friends due to the ease of use.

Drying Equipment Hire Process

It’s never a good idea to delay the restoration of your house when your house seems to be sinking. So, do not waste a minute and call us before the water seeps in and deems some immense damage. The booking process is extremely customer friendly and all you need to do is the following:


Why Hire Drying equipment?

Water imposes serious damage to your belongings and the infrastructure of your property. Be it a storm, an earthquake, or pipe leaks and bursts, immediate attention should be paid if you don’t want wreckage. It is extremely important that water extraction and drying should be done without any delay to prevent further losses.

Water can cause rusting of the metallic framework, rotting in plasterboard and wood, increasing the growth of fungus and mould which can have serious impacts on the health of your family. Thus, it is advised that if you want to do the repair work by yourself, act immediately and hire our products!

Products for hire


Blower hire

It improves the performance of your dehumidifier.


Dehumidifier Hire

It extracts the humidity in the air and prevents oversaturation of water in the air.


Carpet and Floor Dryer

 It absorbs the moisture content from your carpets and floors.